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What You Will Learn

The Whiskey with Jackie James Course blends traditional education and experiences with a twist of positivity, modern storytelling, practical application, and a fresh perspective. Learn how to talk and taste with confidence, credibility, and purpose while improving your relationships, defeating stereotypes, and having fun!

  • Whiskey basics and fundamentals including classifications and expressions, glassware, etiquette, terminology, and insider tips

  • How to use whiskey to improve your confidence, gain credibility, and better connect in your personal and professional relationships

  • Guest teachers and special appearances by industry legends

  • The whiskey tasting process incl. visual, nosing, mouthfeel, finishes

  • The Signature Jackie James Tasting Method

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About Your Whiskey Coach

Hi! I’m Jackie James and I'm your least likely and most unexpected whiskey lover. I’m Korean-American, born in New Jersey, raised in Newport Beach, and have lived in three countries and on the East Coast, West Coast, and in the Midwest. I spent my corporate life working in the automotive, commercial real estate, and sports industries and am insanely passionate about people, my dog, spicy food and hot sauce, sunshine, anywhere tropical, and whiskey. I’m also very interested in continuing to learn about the Metaverse and NFTs and am most excited when I have the opportunity to blend and pair these topics with yes, you guessed it… whiskey!

As a 2020 World’s Top Whiskey Taster Regional Finalist, an Executive and Certified Bourbon Steward, a Global Ambassador for Bourbon Plus and Bourbon Charity, a Bourbon & Beyond Festival Host, and a Whiskey Coach, Consultant, Connector, and Content Creator, my goal is to share and translate everything I’ve learned, and continue to learn, in the most relatable, engaging, and entertaining way possible while offering a fresh approach and perspective. Let's forget about the elitism, snobbery, and social pressures and focus on what truly makes our brown juice experiences so special: bringing people together, building confidence, and celebrating life's special moments.
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But don't just take my word for it...

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Darin H.

New York City, USA

"I love whiskey but I never get to drink it because my wife refuses to buy it. She only buys wine, vodka, and tequila. Her girlfriends discovered you on Instagram last month and all of a sudden, whiskey is cool and that’s all she wants to drink! God bless you Jackie James!"

Susan W.

San Diego, USA

“I love that you can even make the boring stuff fun and especially loved the hands on exercises! I’ve never appreciated my sense of smell more and can’t wait to try your Jameson in the mashed potatoes tip on Thanksgiving!”

Derek T.

Chicago, USA

"Men don’t like to admit when we don’t know something so ha we improvise a lot. Who knew a few sessions with you would make me a legit whiskey expert and I wouldn’t have to bs anymore. Highly recommend!”

Mark S.

Los Angeles, USA

“Perfect pandemic activity! You saved my marriage.”

Robby L.

Los Angeles, USA

"You let me embrace my masculinity when we drink whiskey together. I've always felt out of place ordering it at a bar. The brands out there don't know how to make it appealing or attractive to me and my friends."

Scott W.

Los Angeles, USA

"My wife never lets me teach her anything and your love of whiskey made her curious. Now we have whiskey date nights after the kids go to bed and she lets me give her taste tests and we talk about what she likes and doesn't."

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